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Video Conferencing

Worldwide Court Reporting now offers clients crystal clear video conferencing. Tired of connections that drop, images that freeze, or unreliable, unstable feeds that make long distance meetings uncomfortable? Worldwide Court Reporting has created an easy-to-use experience that allows flawless connectivity to anyone in the world who has a webcam and an internect connection.

Call Worldwide Court Reporting with your firm's specific requirements and we will provide you with the Video Conferencing experience you need.

Worldwide Court Reporting represents the sophisticated trend in leading professional litigation support service companies. We provide highly experienced court reporters, legal videographers, translators and video conferencing personnel delivering polished transcripts and legal videos of your depositions, video conferences, hearings, trials and meetings. We invite you to call our central calendar toll free at, 877.643.3218, Fax 866.819.2317. Or, you can schedule conveniently on our website.

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