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Qualified Domestic and International Depositions Receive Complimentary Conference Rooms*



International Services

Worldwide Court Reporting provides complete international legal support services in all countries outside the United States. The legal systems in foreign countries are vastly different than what American attorneys are used to. Services by court reporters and legal videographers are costly and few and far between overseas.

While overseas, the need for international interpreters and translators can frequently be an issue. Concerns over whether your deposition will stand-up in court can also be a frequent issue. With Worldwide Court Reporting, those concerns can be alleviated because Worldwide Court Reporting uses only the finest international litigation support and legal recording resources.

Notaries are a necessary part of the litigation process, especially overseas as court reporters cannot swear in witnesses. International courts require an attorney who is an international notary to swear in witnesses.

We can provide you with our international court reporters, international deposition suite facilities, legal videographers and videoconferencing facilities anywhere around the globe.

By using our international court reporting service you can avoid these common issues. Call Worldwide Court Reporting toll free 877.643.3218 or fax your requests to 866.819.2317.


Alberta * British Columbia * Manitoba * New Brunswick * Newfoundland/Labrador * Nova Scotia * Ontario * Prince Edward Island * Quebec * Saskatchewan

Additional Locations in North and Central America

Antigua/Barbuda * Bahamas * Barbados * Belize * Costa Rica * Cuba * Dominica * Dominican Republic * El Salvador * Grenada * Guatemala * Haiti * Honduras * Mexico * Nicaragua * Panama * Saint Kitts/Nevis * Saint Lucia * Saint Vincent/Grenadines * Trinidad/Tobago


Austria * Belgium * Denmark * Finland * France * Germany * Greece * Ireland * Italy * Luxembourg * Monaco * Netherlands * Norway * Poland * Portugal * Russia * Spain * Sweden * Switzerland * United Kingdom * Vatican City

South America

Argentina * Bolivia * Brazil * Chile * Columbia * Peru * Venezuela


Australia * Fiji * New Zealand


South Africa * Egypt


China * India * Israel * Japan * Countries in the Middle East * Korea * Pakistan * Philippines * Turkey *

  • Dailies & Expedites/When You Need it Now
  • Meetings & Conferences
  • Internet Reporting/Digital Reporting
  • Interpreters-Nationally and Internationally
  • Expert/Technical Reporters
  • ASCII Condensed Dirty-ASCII Word Indexes
  • LiveNote**
  • E-Transcripts**
  • Conference Rooms/Deposition Suites
  • Legal Videography Digital/Synchronized
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Videoconferencing Linking Parties
  • Last Minute Scheduling of Depositions
  • Arbitrations & Hearings
  • Class Action Suits
  • Medical Malpractice-Reporters
  • International Depositions
  • Expert Witnesses

Worldwide Court Reporting represents the sophisticated trend in leading professional litigation support service companies. We provide highly experienced court reporters, legal videographers, translators and video conferencing personnel delivering polished transcripts and legal videos of your depositions, video conferences, hearings, trials and meetings. We invite you to call our central calendar toll free at, 877.643.3218 , Fax 866.819.2317. Or, you can schedule conveniently on our website.

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